6CENSUS ° "Places of the Heart" 2012


The FAI - Italian Environment Fund - in partnership Intesa Sanpaolo SpA, promotes the sixth edition of the survey "The Places of the Heart" that, for the year 2012 will pay attention not only to Italian citizens but also foreign ones asking them to report those Italian places they love and they want to see defended and protected. The goal of the Census is to ask anyone who has a little piece of Italy in his heart to make it known signaling the Italian place that feels more connected. Each person may report more than one place of the heart but for every place can cast a single vote.

A Manfredonia, local associations "Shared Commitment", "DauniaTur", "Archeo-Speleological Group" , “Bell Bell”, "Happy Eyes", "Work & Welfare”, "Historical Archive Siponto", "New Centre for Historical Documentation" and "I Love Manfredonia" participating in the Census 2012 promoting as "Places of the Heart":

1) Abbey of San Leonardo in Lama Volara;

2) Archaeological Park of Siponto;

3) Cave system Scaloria-Occhiopinto.

Participation in the census is done through a written report, to be carried out by:

a. Access to the site www.iluoghidelcuore.it;

b. filling out forms to collect signatures designed to collect reports for one or more places at the Census.

I Points to collect signatures will be located at:

Association "DAUNIA TUR" in Via San Lorenzo 112;

– Association "TOGETHER" in Corso Manfredi 123;

– Association "HAPPY EYES" in Via G.Palatella 104/106/108;

– Commercial Activity "BEST RECORD" in Via del Rivellino 6;

– Parish of San Lorenzo Maiorano - Cathedral;

Reports may be made until 31 October 2012.

Participation in the census is completely free and is open to all, Italian and not, minors and adults.

The results of the census will be published by the FAI during the 2013 and published on the website www.iluoghidelcuore.it

The FAI, also, undertakes to intervene on one or more goods among those who will receive the highest number of recommendations, taking steps to support recovery actions, protection and enhancement promoted on the territory. The FAI will use for this purpose of its institutional channels, technical expertise and regional network.

A big thank you to Local associations which together promote our "Places of the Heart":

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