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Logo_linkedinLinkedIn is the social network for free membership which mainly deals with networks professional contacts and its aim is to create and maintain online relationships, but on the basis of business contacts.

LinkedIn, despite being the most popular professional social network in Italy - and the world - until a few years ago it was in English and for this snubbed by many young, they preferred to approach the world of work via other networks. Actually covers about LinkedIn 150 economic sectors and over 400 sectors, directly from headquarters in Palo Alto, in California.

The objectives of the site are varied:

  • Getting to be introduced to someone you want to know through a mutual contact and reliable.
  • Find jobs, people, business opportunities with the support of someone inside of your contact list or its network.
  • Employers can post offers and search for potential candidates.
  • People looking for work can read the profiles of recruiters and find out if in your contacts you find someone able to put them directly in touch with them.

The association Daunia TuR aims to boost tourism promotion, and to strengthen the tourism system - integrated business between public, local businesses, associations and tour operators.

To follow us, visit our LinkedIn. Who clicca.

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