The Puglia BIT 2013 Milan




The stand of Puglia edition 2013 of the BIT - International Tourism Exchange (Milan Rho Fair - 14/17 February) committed as an area of 500 sq.m., organized by modules, where there are numerous initiatives and activities to promote. The International Tourism Exchange in Milan is one of the most important events for the presentation of tourism at national level because in addition to the public sector (press and trade) sees a great number of visitors from all over Italy.

Puglia has to Bit 2013 its main products: sea, Sport and nature, Food and wine, 's arts culture, tradition and spirituality, events and entertainment. But a major innovation this year is Discovering Puglia, a package of activities, or better travel experiences for the non-summer months and throughout the Puglia. Together with Puglia Open days, already experienced in the summer 2012, Discovering free offers tourists the opportunity to experience the Apulia in all its wonders; for tour operators Puglia is an additional service to offer its customers. The other major innovation that will be launched under the BIT 2013 My Experience Puglia is pointing, instead on the involvement of young audiences through social media.

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