The association is seeking collaborators Daunia TuR


Collabora con noi

The figures are sought: interpreters, guides and tour leaders.

Foreign languages ​​mainly English are required, German and French, but I also like other foreign languages.


Personal Characteristics

Reliability, great communication skills, well-groomed appearance, friendliness, predisposition to relations

interpersonal, ability to empathize with any type of user, organizational capacity,

time management and the unexpected, creativity and respect for others.


Type of contract

Work occasional accessory, including Social Security coverage and POS.


Method of pay

Good work (Voucher)



Guide and tour leader: enabling regional, and consistency in implementation of Law No. Puglia Region. 13 the 25 May 2012, as amended by LR. n. 26 the 25 September 2012, as well as the Regional Regulation 3 October 2012, n. 23 – published in the Official Bulletin of the Region of Puglia n. 45 the 5 October 2012.

Interpreters: laurea in lingue, Schools for Linguistic Mediators (SSML), or native speakers with excellent knowledge of the Italian language.

If you are interested in working with us to stand as a candidate in one of the roles listed and you have the right requirements, you just have to contact us and send us your CV to

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