Il paradiso incantato delle DiomedeeThe Association proposes Daunia TuR Sunday 18 August 2013 a route full-options from Manfredonia to take daily Tremiti Islands, the only Italian islands in the Adriatic Sea and Marine Protected Area. With a route "full-options" from Manfredonia you will reach the beautiful archipelago tremitese, characterized by an extraordinary scenery of limestone rocky shores, creeks, cale, cliffs, cliffs and sea caves we visit aboard boats. Will taste fresh seafood while sitting comfortably in a typical restaurant in the green heart of St. Domino. Also, to better know the history and the ancient art of the Island of St. Nicholas, visit the Angevin Fortress and the Abbey dedicated to Santa Maria al Mare.


Type of itinerary: Landscape / Cultural

Location: Marine Protected Area of ​​the Tremiti Islands

Journey time by ferry from Rhodes G.: about 1 and now 15 minutes

Travel time by bus from Manfredonia to Rhodes G.: 1 hours and 15 minutes

Degree of difficulty: easy / tourism

EQUIPMENT: E 'recommended a' Costume and clothing with towel, hat, sandals slip; Camera and / or binoculars.

Hours 6,30: MEETING PARTICIPANTS in Piazz.le Ferri (Input Molo di Levante);
Hours 7,00: DEPARTURE coach Manfredonia - Rhodes Garganico;
Hours 8,30: ARRIVAL IN RHODES GARGANICO (Tourist port "Marina del Gargano") participants descend from the bus and go on the pier for boarding;
Hours 9,00: DEPARTURE IN FERRY (distance from Rhodes G. 1 and now 15 minutes);
Hours 10,50 about: TOUR OF THE CAVES Periplus of St. Domino to visit the wonderful caves, with a stop bath in a beautiful cove. Duration: 1hour and a half;
Hours 12,15: ARRIVAL TO THE ISLAND OF NICOLA participants will disembark at Pier and visit the impressive Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare with its wonderful treasures contained in the;
Hours 13,15: participants will travel by shuttle bus - the sea on the island of San Domino and the shuttle service - will reach the earth Restaurant;
Hours 13,30: LUNCH at the Restaurant “The Swallows” nestled in the heart of the pine forest of San Domino for the wonderful lunch of fresh fish (appetizer, 1 first, 1 according to, outline, wine, water, bread);
Hours 15,30: RELAX AND BATH participants, who will travel freely in the exclusive beach "Cala delle Arene" in San Domino for relaxation, bathroom and buy souvenirs in the vicinity of the structures adjacent to the beach;
Hours 16,30: Meeting of participants on the island of San Domino Pier.
RETURN BY FERRY (Starting Hours 16,45), back to the dock of Rhodes Garganico;
Hours 18,30 about: ARRIVAL AT THE PORT OF RHODES GARGANICO , departure and return by bus to MANFREDONIA;

Hours 20,00 about: ARRIVAL IN MANFREDONIA in Piazz.le Ferri term for itinerary.


€ 77,00 AL Non-member ADULT € 12,00 CHILDREN 0 – 5 YEARS (WITH LUNCH) € 50,00 CHILDREN 6 – 14 YEARS

The fee includes:

Travels by coach from Manfredonia to Rhodes Garganico / R ;
– Moving by ferry from Rhodes Garganico Tremiti Islands / R;
– Complete circumnavigation of the islands of the Archipelago with a stop bath;
– Guided visit of the Abbey of Santa Maria a Mare Island of San Nicola;
– Lunch at the Restaurant discount at San Domino with menus and full service;
– Shuttle service sea / land from San Domino and San Nicola Restaurant for;
– Membership fee for organizing and accompanying Staff Association Daunia TuR.

N.B.: The tour will take place after reaching the minimum number of 20 participants. It may change or referrals to date in case of adverse weather conditions that do not allow the smooth running.

Participants will be able to choose the routes out an insurance card RCT. (ceiling property and casualty € 2.500.000,00) or sign a waiver exempting the staff of the Association from any damages or injuries (if you do not follow the directions of Staff).


Your San Lorenzo 112 Manfredonia (FG)
TEL. 0884.660558
RAFFAELE: 340.1052608
GIUSEPPE: 348.8137728
DONATO: 349.8584425

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