Joseph Barreca winner of the Competition “The most beautiful Nativity”

Il Presepe più BelloIf he wins the award for Joseph Barreca “Most beautiful crib in 2014” presented by the Italian Sailors the competition held in December 2013, The wonderful nativity scene made entirely from Joseph Barreca, member of the Association Daunia TuR was strongly built and already in December 2010, when the Association Daunia TuR Italian Sailors Association suggested a willingness to be able to enhance that corner of the picturesque town located at the entrance of Pier east of Manfredonia. The Nativity is the oldest Piazzetta Market Manfredonia, with the Eden Theatre and the Hotel Daniel.

Presepe Manfredonia anticaSo that the evaluation committee, composed by Prof.. George Telera, artist Pio Ciuffreda and Prof.. Sante De Biase, has selected the winners of the contest "The most beautiful Nativity", organized by’Italian Association of Friends of the Crib seat of Manfredonia under the patronage of the Municipality of Manfredonia.

L'artista Giuseppe Barreca

After viewing all the works in competition crib, members of the committee unanimously decreed for the Private section come 1Th ranked Italian Sailors Association for the following reasons: the crib combines the spirituality of the happy event to the recovery of our culture and historical sites have disappeared that intrigue anyone with a thirst for knowledge. Baby Jesus was born on the shore of the sea, against our gente, among the fishermen who were his first disciples. The technique and materials used diligently give the work a certain charm and originality.

A great satisfaction for the Association Daunia TuR that finally sees reward merit, creativity, the commitment and passion of a young associate Siponto.

The best gift to a city and the many youth, in order to transmit their values ​​over time and the characteristic aspects of the historical center of Manfredonia and her daily life.

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