The Salty Lake and Reservoir Frattarolo


Il Lago Salso

The Salty Lake is a wetland consisting of approximately 550 hectares of reeds fed from the stream Cervaro, near Manfredonia. At one time the area was known as Daunia Risi, for the project, never materialized, to transform it into paddy. In 1999 the Gargano National Park has recovered the area denominating oasis Salty Lake, Today oasis affiliated to the WWF Italy. The Salty Lake is characterized by its fresh water, which have depths up to five feet.


The bonus, began in the late nineteenth century and then especially the thirties onwards by the Consortium for the Remediation of captains, resulted in structural changes of all wetlands of captains. Il Lago Salso, originally about wide 4.000 has, was fed by channels from Candelaro and Cervaro in the fifties and the Consortium built the tanks filled. In the mid-sixties, the Cassa del Mezzogiorno, continued the remediation actions that caused the disappearance of environments of great wealth from the point of view of biodiversity. These works led to the creation of an area stemmed (valley) about 541 has, which receives water mainly from the channel Roncone connected directly to the stream Cervaro, while the stream Candelaro divides this area to the west of the swamp Frattarolo, a wetland decidedly brackish, and only periodically flooded. The valley is made up of three tanks diked: from west to east is Valley High, Valley Middle and Lower Valley lake or Salty (the latter portion is deeper than the other two tanks). The average depth of the water in the first two basins is, in fact, usually under a meter depending on the level and seasonal working capital requirements, while the lake is between Salty 50 and 150/170 cm. With the perimeter of the Gargano National Park, in 1992, area is no longer permitted hunting activities, as an integral part of the Park, ripartita through zona 1 e zona 2. Both areas (agricultural and valliva) currently fall under the Gargano National Park established by OJ. n. 300 the 22/12/92. for a total of 1.041 has, the farm is cultivated in organic. Currently, l’Oasi Lago Salso, with the annual passage of more than 200 species of birds, represents one of the most important wetlands in the Mediterranean basin. Thanks to the agreement with the “Naturalistic Studies Centre Onlus”, affiliated to the National Federation of Pro Natura, educational activities that are carried out both research on the fauna and flora of the Oasis. The Centre managed the Lipu deals specifically instead of the reintroduction of the White-headed Duck (Oxyura leucocephala).


The area is a wetland of great interest due to the presence of different species of birds; turns out to be a favorite haunt of ducks, alzavole, widgeon, germani reali, marzaiole, rare morette tabaccate and moriglioni, and other species of birds, including goes reported the presence of marsh harriers, Coots, gallinelle d’acqua, Kingfishers, pendolini, svassi, crane and Cavalieri d’Italia. There are also several species of herons (red and cinerini and occasionally Egrets). In addition, we have created a colony of protected gobbi rugginosi, birds in danger of extinction, found only here and in Veneto. In autumn and winter it is possible to observe the storni, the peregrine falcon and the marsh harrier. Among the most interesting animals to quote geese (passing), the osprey, the spatula, the mignattaio, the basettino, the’anatraia aquila, the’hen harrier, the white stork, the Black Stork and the pink flamingo. The muddy waters are the habitat of freshwater fish such as cavedano, tent, catfish and tinca. And’ project in an eventual repopulation of eel. The presence of reptiles is constituted from specimens of biacco, Cervone, saettone to which are added specimens of testuggine palustre, grass snake and biscia tassellata. The fauna is characterized by the presence of mammals such as the donnola, the faina, the rate, the curly common, the toporagno d’acqua, the volpe and also once the otter.


The flora is mainly composed of canneti (Phragmites australis) and cattail (Typha angustifolia). In the spring and summer bloom’iris from acqua (Iris pseudacorus) e la purple loosestrife (Lythrum salicaria). Typical plants growing along the banks of freshwater: hydrophytes as the ranuncolo d’acqua (Ranunculus trichophyllus), the’utricularia (Utricularia australis) and plants such as the Everglades suaeda (Suaeda fruticosa).

The Nature Reserve Frattarolo

Contiguous and complementary to the Oasis Salty Lake, always located in the municipality of Manfredonia, the wetland Frattarolo is extended to approximately 500 has, referred 257 he is protected under the ministerial decree. A.F. the 5 May 1980 year of establishment of the Nature Reserve of animal population and therefore owned by the State Property. The area represents the natural expansion of the river basin Candelaro. The rich marsh vegetation, proximity to the sea and the frequent swamping make the biotope particularly interesting. The reserve is allowed the breeding of wild buffalo layer.


The marsh vegetation typically includes tamarisk and willow and, tra le erbacee, representatives of the genus Cyperus (Zigolo), Scirpus (Lisca) e Typha (Cattail). Where the soil is more consolidated and more with an abundance of salts are also species of Salicornia.


Among the species that inhabit the Reserve note is the gray heron, curlew, il cavaliere d’Italia, The garzetta, the spatola, the squacco, la gallinella d’acqua, the folaga, Glossy Ibis, l’alzavola, shoveler, garganey, the volpoca, the bittern and marsh harrier. Frequently the presence of geese passing.


The reserve is bordered by the coastal road No. 159 of Saline linking Manfredonia with Zapponeta, Margherita di Savoia and Barletta and is therefore easily accessible. Driving along the road embankment that runs along the highway, with the aid of a good binocular, You can make interesting observations is that the particular environment of the avifauna present.

Region: Puglia

Province: Shape

Municipality: Manfredonia

Institution: D.M. 5 May 1980

Property: State Property

Altitude: 1 – 2 m. S. L..

Extension oasis Salty Lake 1.040 has

Extension Swamp Frattarolo: 257 has

Other indications and classifications:

Included in the Gargano National Park

SPA (Direttiva79/409/CEE) IT9110038

pSIC (Directive 92/43/EEC) IT9110005



ITINERARY: Naturalistic


The service visits Oasis Salty Lake is maintained by third parties by reservation only and for a minimum of 25 people.


€ 80,00 EACH 25 PEOPLE (1 GUIDE)


€ 105,00 FINO A 30 PEOPLE

€ 160,00 THE 30 A 50 PEOPLE (2 GUIDE)


€ 240,00 FINO A 60 PEOPLE (3 GUIDE)

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