The Valley and the Forest of Cervaro dell'Incoronata



The Valley of Cervaro, is situated between the Southern Apennines Campano and the Sub Dauno, between the provinces of Avellino and Foggia. The valley owes its name to the river that crosses; This comes on the slopes of Mount Grossateglia (987 m s.l.m.) in the territory of Monteleone di Puglia to flow, after crossing the plains of Puglia, in the Gulf of Manfredonia.

Geographically the inruns in the southeast-northwest direction from the source of Cervaro up to the height of Savignano Irpino, sometimes marking the boundary between Puglia and Campania. At this point vira, assuming west-east direction, addentrandosi nel teuporio Puglia to end between the towns of Cattle and Orsara di Puglia, where the Daunian Apennine slopes down on the plains of Puglia. The territory ofshe is particularly steep valley in the lower part where it assumes in many sections the form of a narrow gorge.

The Valley of Cervaro climbs between the towns of Ariano Irpino, Greeks, Montaguto, Savignano Irpino and Zungoli nell'avellinese and those of Cattle, Monteleone di Puglia, Orsara di Puglia in Foggia and Cloths. The municipalities that fall nell'avellinese, with the exception of Ariano Irpino, all adhere to the mountain community dell'Ufita, while those of Foggia in the Mountain Community of Southern Dauni.

The high Cervaro valley is characterized by extensive cereal crops, that in the lower part give way to forests and uncultivated land.

Historically it is believed that in 1142 Roger II of Hauteville has taken the second Assizes of Ariano between location of the "Ferrara" in Savignano Irpino and Large forest of Defense Ariano Irpino.

The area is, de facto, unlikely to be reached and crossed. The inaccessibility of much of this land has limited its development, leaving him still strongly anchored to the activities related to the primary sector. If you look at the demographics of the local municipalities, in fact, you can see how emigration has emptied entire villages, particularly in the area of ​​Puglia.


The Regional Natural Park of the Forest is located approximately Crowned 12 kilometers from the town of Foggia, in the heart of Tavoliere. And’ bordered on the north by the river Cervaro, south from its ancient bed, to the east from the bridge of the highway 16 and to the west by the boundaries of the town of Foggia in the vicinity of Masseria Ponte Rotto. The protected area, about 1000 ha, contains a small strip of natural vegetation within an area deeply cultivated. Currently, the area of ​​lowland forest lapped by the river Cervaro occupies an area of ​​approximately 320 Has, referred 162 Will the high bosco d'Fuster and 115 He prairie. And’ then a territory representative of the diverse environments in the past that covered much of the Tableland. The Regional Natural Park includes more than Bosco dell'Incoronata also part of the proposed Site of Community Importance (pSIC) called “Valley of Cervaro – Bosco dell'Incoronata” falling within the scope of the Municipality of Foggia.

Flora and fauna

Tracing ideally a transect extending from the bank of the river Cervaro to the heart of the Natural Park you first meet a band that emerges only for a short period of the year and is characterized by the presence of annual plants with a life cycle very fast (mainly polygons and grasses). Considerable importance also holds the rediscovery of licorice in the affected area.

The wildlife present within the Regional Natural Park dell'Incoronata is very diverse due to the variety of habitats in the protected area (corso d’acqua, pastures, woods, agroecosistemi etc.). Especially the avifauna consists of apple trees, Crows, woodcock and magpies as well as numerous species of birds of prey. There are also many reptiles and mammals such as wild boar, roe, the deer and squirrel.

Technical Details:

Type of area: Regional Park

International Classification: Site of Community Interest

Surface land: 1000 has

Itinerary: Naturalistic

Period: Primavera – Estate

Degree of difficulty: And (Hiking)

Equipment: Scarpe da Trekking, water supply, long pants, hat, layered clothing suitable for the season, binoculars and camera.

Price: 5 Euro person (minimum 10 participants)

The price includes: Accompaniment, guidance and logistical support.

The price does not include: Transport, insurance RCT.


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