Gargano in Emotions, with Daunia TuR tourism is experiential


Daily Province of Foggia “The Attack” the 14 July 2016. Article by Lucia Piemontese

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Tourists and Information Center and Reception,,it,Statistical analysis of the attendance certificate at the headquarters of the square Market,,it,realized by the Daunia TuR,,it,The Center for Information and Tourism Hospitality Market located in the Piazzetta,,it,Manfredonia and ran for nearly a year by the Association to promote tourism,,it,He has performed a statistical analysis that takes into account attendance certificate at,,it,The summer period,,it,June to,,it,during which he saw the times continued by volunteers but professional tour operators recorded a turnout of visitors amounted to,,it,of which,,it,coming from 'Italy and the remaining,,it,from abroad,,it,different nations,,it,with a predominance of France,,it,Germany and Spain,,it
The presences and summer activities carried out at the "Tourist Information,,it,has carried out a statistical analysis that takes into account the ...,,it" del GAL DaunOfanti ..,ar.

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