Itinerario “Un tour di emozioni e sacralità” Costa Garganica in barca con processione di Sant’Andrea


TRADIZIONALE PROCESSIONE DI SANT'ANDREA PROTETTORE DEI PESCATORIL’Associazione Daunia TuR propone per propri soci e simpatizzanti, in occasione della tradizionale “Festa dei Pescatori” con la Processione a mare della Statua di Sant’Andrea (Patrono e Protettore dei Pescatori) THURSDAY ' 1 September 2016 a boat trip from Molo di Ponente of Manfredonia, that will allow to observe the Gargano from a privileged point of view and see the caves, coves, the beaches and the white cliffs starting from Manfredonia, through Mattinata and Pugnochiuso, to Vieste. Dopo l’appassionante tour delle grotte marine, il nostro comandante ci guiderà per raggiungere Manfredonia ed assistere alla tradizionale Processione a Mare di Sant’Andrea, che si svolgerà con partenza dal Molo del Porto di Manfredonia.

Durante il tour, la prima sosta viene effettuata alla baia dei Mattinatella, then continue to the bay of Vignanotica, Pugnochiuso Bay or Port Greek, Baia dei Campi up the tower of San Felice through the various caves and coves. On the way to the tip of the Gargano Island will meet the Chianca, Punta Lunga and the beautiful town of Vieste. From this point on the coast starts to be high and rugged and breathtaking views meet the first, The Arc of Lovers and several caves that make this a unique area, as Grotta Campana, Cave Screwed, Cave two eyes, and the Cave of the tomatoes. Then we reach the famous Bay of Pugnochiuso, and so on up to the Pipe Stack, through the Smuggler's Cave, Emerald Grotto, Grande Grotta Campana, Arch Magic and finally the beautiful Bay of Zagare among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean.

The tour ends with a relaxing soak bath, where you can find different services for parking and to spend a couple of hours before returning to the port of Manfredonia.


img-0347-2Type of itinerary: Landscape

Location: Gargano coast from Manfredonia to Vieste

Degree of difficulty: tourism

Duration of: whole day

Conveyance: Motorboats by 72 places


Costume and the telo mare, hat, sandals slip; Camera and / or binoculars

13892006_682217615258888_3197239784206507485_nPROGRAMME OF THE DAY:

Hours 9.30: Meeting of the participants in Manfredonia on the Molo di Ponente for docking;

Hours 10.00: Boat departure for the tour of the coast and caves of Gargano;

Hours 13.00: Stop bath and packed lunch by the participants in the splendid Bay and Camps.

Hours 16.45 about: Arrivo al Molo di Ponente di Manfredonia e termine del tour.

Hours 17,00: Sosta nei pressi del Porto Turistico ed accompagnamento della processione a mare della statua di Sant’Andrea affiancando imbarcazioni di autorità e Banda Musicale Città di Manfredonia.

Hours 18,00 about: Termine itinerario.


€ 30,00 ADULT

€ 20,00 BOY 6/12 YEARS


The fee includes: Boat tours from Manfredonia to Vieste, Accompagnamento in barca della Processione a Mare di Sant’Andrea, Secretarial and technical assistance

Participants will be able to choose the routes out an insurance card RCT. (ceiling property and casualty € 2.500.000,00) or sign a waiver exempting the staff of the Association from any damages or injuries (if you do not follow the directions of Staff).


LOGO-DAUNIATUR-1024x1024.jpghorus lines


Your San Lorenzo 112 Manfredonia (FG)

TEL. 0884.660558

CELL. 348/8137728

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