Here at home a piece of history of the Daunia.

The’Association Daunia TuR of Manfredonia It informs and educates its members, supporters and fans a fundraiser to bring a Stele Dauna at home that will end the auction 24 March 2017.

Collecting the solicitation of many people on social media, the Foundation Apulia Felix launches a collection of funds for the purchase of a Stele Daunia for sale at an auction of home Bertolami.

The payments are to be made payable to the DC Apulia felix Onlus Foundation at Next Bank IBAN IT84I0335901600100000066451 causal “Donation for the stele daunia” (a donation is tax deductible as a donation to non-profit).

The Association will document all donations and will play everything with the maximum transparency.

We hope to raise a significant sum, enough to succeed. The foundation Apulia Felix and Daunia TuR will do their part, offering informative banquet and fundraising for the various cities of captains, but this must be a proof of participation, patronage spread, active citizenship.

If we decide to purchase the stele where to place, in a museum, in a public place, in each case so that it is usable by all.

And’ just one of many Daunian steles and it is certainly one of the most valuable pieces. We know that in the museums, in which there are many warehouses, and we know that on the antiques market there are thousands of archaeological objects from the Daunia, fruit of the illegal excavation and illicit trade. But this is first of all a manifestation of initiative from below.

We also alerted, in agreement with the Superintendence ABAP Foggia-BAT, the NTP Carabinieri Core to see if in their stolen parts database also featured the pillar and we await news about it. But in the meantime we proceed with the collection of funds.

Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno 15 March 2017

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