The Farrata: rustic tradition manfredoniana

La Farrata di Manfredonia

The Farrata of Manfredonia

The Farrata è una pietanza tipica della città di Manfredonia, Fragrant rustic carnival tradition sipontina. And’ so called because it consists mainly of spelled wheat.
In this very pleasant rustic ingredients are used in the archaic civilization: grain macerated, ricotta pecorina, mint marjoram, cinnamon and pepper.

The dough is spread top with egg yolk. The cooking of farrate traditionally did in the old wood-burning ovens. The fragrance of the dough, content in the dough, that s'indora, is unique in its unmistakable flavor.
Freshly baked, hot and crispy, did during the days of carnival round the streets and courtyards, through the screams of kids incappottati already five o'clock in the morning. Proof of this is one of the many highly successful songs in the vernacular of the poet Michele Racioppa “A farrète”.
The songs of the urchins, intent to sell, i woke up festively Siponto, women looked out from basements to buy, to eat them fresh from the oven and kept warm.


Spelt is macerated in grain, after being dried (at least for a day), is separated from the bran. They prepare the sheets of pasta of durum wheat with a round shape and is inserted between them a mixture of wheat macerated, fresh sheep's ricotta, mint marjoram, salt and pepper. Once closed the two edges of the sheet, it is necessary to sprinkle on the top of a bit’ of egg yolk. To enjoy all the fragrance of farrata it is advisable to cook in the oven, after baked bread.

We propose to conclude the presentation of this special product that you can find in all the traditional pizzerias of Manfredonia, a hymn to the Farret

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