The flavors of the Gargano in Masseria VI Edition,it


Sunday 14 April & nbsp; 2019 the Daunia TuR Association proposes the itinerary "FLAVORS OF & nbsp; GARGANO IN MASSERIA" & nbsp;,,it,APRIL & nbsp; 2019 HOURS,,it,Permalink to The flavors of the Gargano in Masseria VI Edition,,it

The output will be done in half a day in town Chimney (127 m s.l.m.) e Valle Petrulo (247 m s.l.m.), to learn about the early Christian tombs and cemeteries dauna. The archaeological remains and grave goods from Chimney locations were used for the exhibition entitledThe ancient inhabitants of the Gargano,housed in the Museum of Arts and Popular Traditions G. Tancredi di Monte Sant’Angelo.

During the visit at the local farm will have the opportunity to taste the cheese goat cheese Gargano, typical product of farming in this area.

Hours 9.00: Meeting participants at Town Square In. Galli near the resort of Christ Water (ex Pretour);
Hours 9.15: Departure for the town Chimney;
Hours 9.30: Arrival at the location Chimney and early visit to the local Masseria with archaeo-trekking in the area cemeteries;
Hours 11.30 about: Tasting of typical products of peasant;
Hours 12.30: Deadline day for departure and return in Manfredonia.
And 'better equip themselves to dress in layers, scarpe da trekking, hat, bottiglia d’acqua, camera and binoculars.
€ 8,00 AL Non-member
To book please contact (ENTRO E NON OLTRE VENERDI’ 12 APRILE 2019 ORE 12,00).

Photos and Videos by Giuseppe Luigi Marasco War and the Association wishes to thank Daunia TuR.


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