Donate 5 x 1000 all’A.P.S. DAUNIA TUR: a reference to the captains


5X1000The taxpayer may allocate the proportion of the association MISUSE 5 for a thousand of his income tax of individuals (Income tax), signing one of the five special boxes appearing on the declaration models (Unico PF, Model 730, or special form attached to the CUD for all those who are exempt from the obligation to file the return). You can have only one choice of destination. Besides signing, the taxpayer indicates the tax code of the individual subject which seeks to target directly the proportion of 5 per thousand. To allocate the share of five per thousand to the municipality of residence simply sign in the box. Caution: the choice of destination of 5 per thousand and that of 8 per thousand (Law 222/1985) They are not in any way alternatives between them.

Support for voluntary and other non-profit social, of social associations and associations and charitable foundations that operate in the areas covered by Article. 10, c. 1, Become the), of Legislative Decree. n. 460 the 1997, It can be explicated by entering the data in the box below:


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