Broadcast,,it,Good summer,,it,on RMC,,hr,by the Association Daunia TuR,,it,Radio program "Buona Estate,,it,by the Associazione Daunia TuR,,it,and for every Saturday in summer from hours,,it,part of the “Buona Estate” radio entertainment program on Radio Manfredonia Centro frequencies -,,it,edited by Raffaele Sallustio and Giuseppe Frattarolo,,it,collaborator of the Daunia TuR Association which intends to promote the dissemination of music and knowledge of local events,,it,deepened in the light of ethical-educational-sociological-informative-economic principles,,it,The transmission called "Buona Estate",,it,is inspired by the summer musical tormentos that evoke emotions of summer with a cocktail of history and current events,,it “Buona Estate” su RMC 103,00 a cura dell’Associazione Daunia TuR


From 15 June 2019 e per ogni sabato d’estate dalle ore 18,00, part of the radio entertainment program ",,it,”On the frequencies of,,it,Radio Manfredonia Centro -,,it,Raffaele Sallustio and Giuseppe Frattarolo,,it,which intends to promote the dissemination of music and knowledge of local events,,it,The call transmission ",,it,We look forward to seeing you on RMC frequencies,,it,Streaming ,,en,Permalink to Radio program,,itBuona Estate” sulle frequenze di Radio Manfredonia Centro – 103.0 FM (Streaming curato da Raffaele Sallustio e Giuseppe Frattarolo, collaboratore dell’Association Daunia TuR che intende promuovere la diffusione della musica e della conoscenza degli eventi del territorio locale, approfondito alla luce dei principi etici-formativi-sociologici-divulgativi-economici. La trasmissione chiamata “Buona Estate”, si ispira ai tormentoni musicali estivi che rievocano emozioni d’estate con un cocktail di storia ed attualità, remembering events and places that may be visited by residents and visitors during the summer through a program of local initiatives,,it,Short film presentation,,it,The green water islands,,it,Short film presentation "Islands of green waters,,it,It will be presented on Friday,,it,June in Manfredonia and Monday,,it,in Foggia the short film The islands of green waters,,it,written by Franco Mastroluca and directed by Gigi Giuffrida,,it,Shot in Manfredonia,,it,Foggia and Tremiti,,it,the film recalls the events of the Diomedee Islands at the time of police confinement,,it,during the Fascist period,,it,through the development of a tight confrontation between three screenwriters called to write a script for a film set in that period,,it,An argument,,it,for the Tremiti,,it,never represented,,it.

Vi aspettiamo quindi numerosi sulle frequenze di RMC
– 103.0 FM (Streaming

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