Itinerary Programming Months July,,it,blu,,en,lagoon,,fr,discovery,,it,For those interested in requesting participation,,it,we remind you to book in advance at our addresses,,it,Contact,,it – August 2019


We all want to,,it,A summer,,it,SEA VIEW,,it,organizes for its members and supporters a program of activities to enjoy a relaxing summer,,it,knowledge and sociability,,it,Permalink to Programming Itineraries Months July,,it “Un’estate 2019 VISTA MARE!” L’Associazione#DauniaTuR organizza per i propri soci e simpatizzanti una programmazione di attività per vivere un’estate di relax, conoscenza e socialità. Per chi fosse interessato a richiedere la partecipazione, ricordiamo di prenotarsi per tempo ai nostri recapiti: 0884.660558 – Contattateci!

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9° Birthday Association Daunia TuR,,it,the continuity of our action,,it,Dear members,,it,In a few days the Association DAUNIA TUR A.P.S,,it,he will be nine years old and we are all ready to celebrate with you,,it,We have organized for,,it,Tourist Information and Reception Center,,it,of the G.A.L,,it,our festive meeting with the usual General Assembly of Members o,,it,in which all members are invited,,it,give life to the Daunia TuR Association since the year,,it,in continuity it manages the tourist reception of the city of Manfredonia and for the year,,it,Permalink to 9th Birthday Association Daunia TuR,,it: la continuità della nostra azione

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