Gargano Coast to Coast by boat - Sunday,,it,a boat trip with many extra services on board,,it,music and guided explanation by the Guides enabled #DauniaTuR,,it,which will allow to observe a,,it,the panoramic views of Manfredonia,,it,Pugnochiuso and Baia dei Campi and admire the caves,,it,the beaches and the white cliffs,,it,former boarding of the Tremiti Islands,,it 14 July 2019


The Association Daunia TuR offers its members and supporters Sunday 14 July 2019, un’escursione in barca con a bordo tanti servizi extra (toilette, servizio bar, musica e spiegazione guidata da parte delle Guide abilitate #DauniaTuR), che permetterà di osservare a 360 gradi i panorami di Manfredonia, Morning, Pugnochiuso e Baia dei Campi e di ammirare le grotte, coves, le spiagge e le bianchissime falesie. Il tour parte da Manfredonia (Molo di Ponente,,it,Bay Mattinatella,,it – ex imbarco Isole Tremiti), passando dalle calette di Macchia e Mattinata, alla baia di Mattinatella, then continue to the bay of Vignanotica, Pugnochiuso Bay or Port Greek, fino a Baia dei Campi. On the way to the tip of the Gargano Island will meet the Chianca, Punta Lunga and the beautiful town of Vieste. From this point on the coast starts to be high and rugged and breathtaking views meet the first, The Arc of Lovers and several caves that make this a unique area, as Grotta Campana, Cave Screwed, Cave two eyes, and the Cave of the tomatoes. Then we reach the famous Bay of Pugnochiuso, and so on up to the Pipe Stack, through the Smuggler's Cave, Grande Grotta Campana, Arch Magic and finally the beautiful Bay of Zagare among the most beautiful in the Mediterranean. The tour ends with a relaxing soak bath, where you can find different services for parking and to spend a couple of hours before returning to the port of Manfredonia.

Type of itinerary: Landscape
Location: Costa garganica da Manfredonia a Baia dei Campi
Degree of difficulty: tourism
Duration of: whole day
Conveyance: Motorboats by 80 places, con servizi igienico-sanitari, servizio bar.

EQUIPMENT:                                                                     ,en
Costume and the telo mare, hat, sandals slip; Camera and / or binoculars, water supply.

PROGRAMME OF THE DAY:                                                                                                                 ,en
Hours 9.30: Meeting of the participants in Manfredonia on the Molo di Ponente,,it,behind the restaurant the Approdo,,it,for boarding,,it,bath stops and navigation with detailed explanation by the qualified guide and President Dott,,it,Reservations are open immediately until Friday afternoon,,it,Permalink to Gargano Coast to Coast by boat - Sunday,,it (alle spalle del ristorante l’Approdo) per l’imbarco;
Hours 10.00: Partenza in barca per il tour della costa e grotte del Gargano con visita alle grotte, soste bagno e navigazione con spiegazione dettagliata da parte della guida abilitata e Presidente Dott. Joseph Frattarolo;
Hours 13.00: Sosta bagno e pranzo a sacco a cura dei partecipanti in una delle splendide Baie del Gargano (sorpresa!!!).
Hours 18.00 about: Arrivo al Molo di Ponente di Manfredonia e termine del tour.

€ 35,00 ADULTO NON SOCIO (Comprensivo della Tessera Fans 2019 Daunia TuR A.P.S.)
The fee includes: Boat tours from Manfredonia to Vieste, Tourist Guide empowered with detailed explanation of Costa,it & Grotte,it, Secretarial and technical assistance, Tessera Fan 2019 che permette al partecipante di ricevere sconti ed agevolazioni per i prossimi tour programmati.

N.B.: Le prenotazioni sono aperte da subito sino al pomeriggio di Venerdì 12 July 2019 all ore 18,00.

Your San Lorenzo 112 Manfredonia (FG)
TEL. 0884.660558
CELL. 348/8137728
CELL. 340/1052608

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