The “Ciangularie” Christmas typical Gargano


The interpretation even in the modern Christmas does not fail to see in the holidays with a sense of expectation and waiting, a display and an approach to life with a joy and gaiety long promises.

Besides the decorative (crib, tree, various decorations), Christmas is configured in another essence, thatculinary.

The whole, today, gives the feeling of a return to coveted flavors, that only this time of year are the most appropriate context. The rituals and gestures of the housewives are dictated by an ancestral way, creativity passed down through generations, a participatory way without hesitation, even though it is a holiday. The appearance of women to toughen the dough, almonds in shell,to cook the grapes or figs of india, with the little ones attached to the apron to nibble anything that comes within range , is an unrepeatable spectacleAnd this show, the flavor and aroma of latent, e mai sopiti, make serious nostalgia one who lives outside the home or from his city. For the fans of the Association Daunia TuR are proposed in this section, some of the typical Christmas sweets with the intent to convey the authentic taste of Christmas according to our traditional.


The pettole are a typical product of the province of Foggia Christmas. They are obtained by mixing flour or semolina with water, salt and yeast; yeast are obtained from the mass into pieces of different shapes that you make fry in extra virgin olive oil, then season them with salt or sugar. They are therefore a realization by hand to a soft dough and tasty, that is, then,fried in oil bollente.La tradition that pettole are eaten freshly cooked, warm, fragrant. In fact it is said that must be tastedfriggendo / mangiandobecause once cooled lose much of their flavor.


Related to the winter holidays, typically Christmas, are "the carteddate or cartellate", strips of dough with your fingers pinched and fried, coated with honey or sweet wine and sprinkled with icing sugar. Cartellate are prepared in two variants: baked figs with wine or grape. Their preparation requires a lot of care and dexterity to be able to make the most of their small crown-shaped serrated edges.

Ostie ripiene – ostia “chjène”

And’ done a great crunchy almond fruits with honey. It toasts the fruits of almonds in a copper pan, the "turtire", then put them in a terra cotta pot, the “partial crete” in which you pour the honey and mix six ounces of sugar and a little cinnamon. Then put the pan on the fire with a wooden spoon and stir continuously throughout the, so do not attack the almonds to the pan. Meanwhile, prepare the host, oval, Long fourteen or fifteen centimeters long and seven wide, the Ferrete, or wafers cut in half along the lower height. When the mixture is ready, with the help of a wooden spoon, you have the crunchy almonds upon the host, aligning them with a stick "nu zippe”, completely filled up, then puts on another host or ferrata. After a couple of hours, the time to let them dry and cool and you can enjoy the crisp wafer filled, typical mountain specialties.

Poperati – pupurète

The poperati or "pupurète" bagels that are big, according to tradition, were distributed during the wedding celebrations: are prepared with wheat flour 0, sugar, honey, mulled wine, lard, cinnamon, cloves, lemon peel and grated orange. It soaks the flour with honey ( in 5 kg of farina a kg of miele) with a bit of yeast, cloves, cinnamon and then gradually add all the other ingredients and work until all the dough is smooth. It then takes a portion of the dough and work so as to obtain a shape of a cord stretched thickness of three or four inches long and about sixty. Formed in cord pasta, swellings commonly called "'ntacche”, then overlap the ends of the cord to unite them and held firm with a clove, thus forming a donut of about 20 centimeters in diameter.

1^ Variant: Instead of honey can be put into 5 kg di farina un kg di zucchero, un pò di lievito, 35 grams of cinnamon and orange peel and grated lemon.

2^ Variant:In five kg of flour can be put 600 gr. of honey and half a kg of sugar, yeast, cinnamon and grated orange peel and lemon.

The best meal you can soak even when only cooked wine. The poperati were used until a few years ago almost exclusively during the carnival, but now you can buy in any store and any time of year. In times now very remote, both the ceremony of the wedding vows, is that of the marriage, were cheered at home, for which the guests could serve you a free ride to all the sweets that were offered to them and at the end of the party, invited each received "na cocchje de puprète”, that is, two donuts which preserves a large handkerchief to take them home. "Li puprète" in ancient times were preparing mostly at night and during the processing of the dough women sang wedding songs while the men ate, drank and joked as a sign of good luck to the newlyweds, “ a li zite”. During the evening of carnival masks that were going to be visiting relatives or friends were often present in a certain amount of "puprète" that crawled on his right arm. "" Puprète "is a name of the dialect of Albanian and very easily Its origin dates back to the domain of" Scamdemberg "in the Gargano.

Almonds atterret

I am a product historically linked to the culinary traditions of the province of Foggia. It toasting almonds, in a saucepan melt the chocolate, then mix the almonds in chocolate, then you are cool getting various forms. 


After putting on a cutting the amount of flour "thin" desired, are added 25 grams of fennel seeds used for each pound of flour and stir well to. Then you have the flour to form a circle inside which pour fifty grams of oil, "Delusion musurèdde", salt and warm water and you start to knead. After well mixed the dough is allowed to rest, wrapped in a towel for half an hour. Indi si spiana la pasta, “ce resine”, and stretches, stretches, giving it the shape of a long bead more or less thin with which it forms a donut mostly round with or without strips that form the diameter. This produces donuts called "scaletatidde". Once you have finished this job, if I shall lessarli "ce 'ntellèssene", and, when they begin to float, are removed from’ boiling water and immerse themselves in the 'cold water for a few seconds. They are then left to dry and the next day they are sent to the furnace from which they must be baked when they buy a nice golden color.

I Calzoncelli

 Dolci a base di farina di castagne, honey and cocoa wrapped in a thin crispy pastry cake became after the passage in hot oil.

Donuts – “taralle all’ where

On a pastry board settles the amount of flour required, then form a circular crown in the center and pour it eight eggs, 250 grams of sugar, fifty yeast, that is dissolved by a seventy grams of’ hot water for every pound of flour. After severely beaten eggs with your hands, you begin to knead and work the mixture until a well-kneaded dough. Then after it has been broken into pieces more or less the same lies until you get a thick cord about three inches with which it forms a donut. The latter is incised with a knife for its entire length practicing a cut of about one centimeter depth, then, with scissors, you do "pizzili", ie small cuts, every three or four inches along the entire circumference. At the end of boil and the day after they are brought to the dry kiln to be fired.

Tarallucci giulebbati – “taralluzze 'ngeleppéte

On a board settles the amount of flour required, then form an annulus and in the center of it pour the beaten eggs into a separate container, for stemperale for good, fifteen or sixteen eggs per kg of flour flower and then switch to knead. The dough should be well mixed and worked, then it splits and are obtained or small donuts that are engraved with a knife for their entire length with a cut of about one centimeter in depth or of small sticks that are engraved in their turn with a knife for their entire length, then, both the donuts, both poles are boiled. Then are sent to the oven for baking. On the way back are lowered into the pan containing the julep, prepared according to this recipe: half a pound of sugar, two hundred grams of water and bark grated lemon, cooked in such a way that it should be neither too liquid, nor overly dense, ma should Filare.

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