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The passion and professionalism of young people who contribute to the growth of the territory

Daunia TuR is an association promoting tourism social and cultural non-profit (Register of Associations of Social Promotion of the Region of Puglia n. 150/FG), with social value of public utility and relevance of public interest. The association is the 7 November 2009 winning the tender Active Ingredients “Young Ideas for a better Puglia” organized by the Puglia Region and development of the project:”Feeling Dauna: the discovery of sheep tracks and farms between history, nature and gastronomy”. The purpose of the Association is to promote cultural initiatives and projects, education and training to promote, information, support, disclosure, participation, research and updating as part of the enhancement of the Cultural and Environmental Heritage, Responsible Tourism, sustainable, ethical and religious.

The project Feeling Dauna: The rediscovery of sheep tracks and farms between Nature and History Gastronomy that Daunia TuR has achieved in the launch of the Association, took shape with the financing of the Puglia region of the Call Active Ingredients. It had the aim to invest in a broader and more diffuse project, creating synergies among human resources with the territory, overcoming the lack of homogeneity and cultural drifts, for the benefit of a logical system. The objectives which proposes the Association are those of:

  • create a tourism system - integrated business between public, local businesses, associations and tour operators in order to boost tourism promotion, break down bureaucratic barriers and unnecessary costs;
  • organize social and cultural activities that involve the citizens and especially the weaker and disadvantaged to feel involved in efforts to progress;
  • promote awareness and knowledge, the protection and preservation of historical heritage, archaeological and natural;
  • know and appreciate the food and wine sector products and typical local dishes to spread the culture of healthy eating and conscious.

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The strategy to accomplish these goals is based on 'organize tourist trips, festivals and food and wine trails, participation in events, fairs, conferences, etc.. It is aimed to target undifferentiated. What you want to promote is linked to beauty and the typical "hidden" of 61 municipalities in the province of Foggia in which the "captains product" and "product Gargano" are the pride of tourism, aimed to convey emotions and feelings towards the rediscovery of historical paths, naturalistic and gastronomic, involving the need and the desire to spend a healthy and intelligent, relaxation, walks and hikes. Rural construction of the ancient fortified farms and ancient crafts are the typical product of peasant and artisan southern, strategic value of the local heritage, tied to the traditions of knowledge and tastes.

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Daunia Tur is a non-profit association wishing to promote cultural and social events within the tourist field.

It came into being thanks to a group of young people who attended a course of management with regards to rural tourism organized by Gal DaunOfantino in 2007.These young people were inspired by the love they have for the area and the belief that the change necessary for others to appreciate it begins with the revaluation of local traditions and a new look at what the area has to offer.

The aim of the association is to promote cultural and educational projects, to take part in research in order to be up to date with all the new initiatives regarding all types of tourism including religious ,environmental, ethical and cultural tourism.

The project Daunia Sensations.

The project Daunia Sensations was aided by funds from the Puglia Region. It’s aim is to rediscover the Nature, History and Gastronomy of the area.

The Aims of the Association are:

To create a system in which local councils, local businesses, tourist associations and those working in the tourist field can work together to increase tourist promotion and reduce bureaucratic obstacles and high costs.

To organise social and cultural events that involve the public especially those who are often neglected to let them feel in tune with progress.

To promote the knowledge, care and conservation of the historical, archaeological and naturalistic patrimony of the area.

To know and appreciate local gastronomic products and dishes and by doing so, spread the recipe for a healthy lifestyle.

The strategy to carry out these aims is based on the organisation of tourist events, local fairs, eno-gastronomic routes, conferences ,meetings, and so on.

The main aim is to promote the “hidden” beauty and traditions of the 61 “comuni” towns within the province of Foggia.

The Capitanata and the Gargano represent the crème-de-la crème of the tourist attractions and are able to transmit emotions and sensations enabling the tourist to rediscover historical, and eno gastronomic trails whilst immersing themselves in nature .One can have a healthy intelligent holiday enjoying, trips, walking or just relaxing.

The area has old well built farm houses which are a reminder of the country life style of the past. Together with ancient crafts they are a valuable patrimony as are the food, flavours and folk-lore of the area. All bound together with traditions and a knowledge of the past to appreciate the present.

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