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FIDELIS ANDRIA "The city of Frederick II of Swabia"


The CARNIVAL OF ANDRIA: our Carnival has always lived enjoying the tenerelli, our chocolate dragees stuffing, typical and exclusive products of the city. The tradition of andriese Carnival brings us to the uses and customs related to marriage and the betrothal of our grandparents. In fact, in Andria, in ancient times, the Tenerello He had a key role in the engagement, particularly if this was during the carnival. Boyfriend (future husband) and future mother-in-law were kept dutifully to cover his future wife with tenerelli and if that was not the case the marriage was canceled. incredible tragedies were consuming between our grandparents because of these delicious chocolates that have distorted our ancient habits.

Thus following our exciting journey to discover the carnival tradition andriese will cross the city and discover its beauty!!!

ITINERARY # 1 City Strollcover-itinerary-andria-visita-guidata-5730d2c3a2755

The city of Andria located in Puglia, near Bari, It is among the largest cities in the nation for population growth, it has about one hundred thousand inhabitants. It is called the city of the three steeples just because it has three inside. The Cathedral in the historic center, guards in the crypt the tombs of the wives of the emperor Frederick II of Swabia, who deeply loved this city and renamed it Fidelis Andria. Instead it is located near the Ducal Palace, where, apparently, born Conrad IV of Swabia. The churches of St. Dominic and St. Augustine together at the door of St. Andrew called Arco di Federico II then represent other stops to admire absolutely if you are in this city. Do not miss the shift in the so-called smallest street in the world!!!

The beauty of the monuments and the history of Fidelis Andria visitors leave happy and amazed!!!

The Museum "Tenerello" andriesemucci-confetti-copia

The museum is our jewel and is housed in a beautiful Liberty style building with stone, original home of the sweet factory. The result of a patient and passionate research, It collects documents in four sections, utensili, equipment, molds for the production of confetti, candy and chocolate.

In the first room, dedicated to candy, as well as sieves, Jolie, maceratori, molds for the packaging of fruit and marzipan sweets made with almond paste, degne sono di nota the e basin in the rickety train. In the second room, a video showing the history of the factory and the important phases of the working of confetti. The third room contains machines and equipment for chocolate including a tempering machine and a vintage melangeur. In the fourth room there are machines with bronze rollers embossed by hand, for the preparation of candies.

ITINERARY 2 Guided tour of the old city town

Strolling through the narrow streets, the alleys and the most mysterious and interesting glimpses of Fidelis Andria, Tied citiessagostino1930-cd inextricably Emperor Frederick II of Swabia; Visit to one of the most fabulous city portals "Teutonic portal of the Church of Sant'Agostino Andria - National Monument; Visit and explanation of the Arch in the city wanted by Frederick II, where it still stands today the hexameter "Fidelis Andria Our fixed marrow

(Andria I have been faithful to the marrow of bones - Frederick II of Swabia ) ”;


Afternoon visit and guided cultural walk Castel del Monte - World Heritage Humanity -alle hours 16.00 visitpic2529o in Castel del Monte (guided tour outside / inside the castle, scenic walk from Castel del Monte with illustration of the surrounding area);

Castel del Monte has a universal value, exceptional for the perfection of its forms, the harmonious blending of cultural elements from northern Europe, the Muslim world, and classical antiquity. It 'a unique masterpiece of medieval architecture, reflecting the humanism of its founder:
Frederick II of Swabia.

Guests can visit !!!

Barletta: VISIT,,it,THE CITY 'THE CHALLENGE,,it,The city of Barletta located in Puglia,,it,near Andria,,it,It is known throughout Italy, due to a,,it,Challenge of Barletta,,it,event that commemorates the victory of Italian knights over the French in the distant,,it,The dignity of the Italian soldier was unjustly trampled and later recovered worthily in battle,,it,town famous also for its majestic,,it,one of the largest military forts and the cutting edge of Bari territory,,it,Castle was the seat of a "diet",,it,important gathering organized by Emperor Frederick II before his departure for the VI Crusade,,it,Barletta enchant visitors with its majestic charm ... ...,,it,Visit the old town and the Winery of the Challenge,,it: “LA CITTA’ DELLA DISFIDA

La città di Barletta situata in Puglia, vicino Andria, è nota in tutta Italia grazie proprio alla Disfida di Barletta, evento che ricorda la vittoria degli italiani sui cavalieri francesi nel lontano 1503. La dignità del Milite italiano fu ingiustamente calpestata e in seguito recuperata degnamente in battaglia. Barletta, città famosa inoltre per il suo maestoso Castle, una delle fortezze militari più grandi e all’avanguardia della terra di Bari. In 1228 il Castello fu sede di una “Dieta”, importante raduno organizzato per volere dell’Imperatore Federico II di Svevia prima della sua partenza per la VI crociata.

Barletta incanterà i visitatori con il suo maestoso fascino … …!!!

Visita al borgo antico e alla Cantina della Sfida

Winery of the Challenge,,it,place in the distant,,it,Italians,,it,Knight led by Ettore Fieramosca,,it,They were accused of cowardice by the French and where the challenge was open before the famous battle of the Challenge of Barletta,,it,that will see Italians winners,,it,following route,,it,visit to the famous "ERACLIO",,it,The COLOSSUS OF BARLETTA,,it,colossus,,it,a bronze statue of,,it,probably dating from the fifth century,,it,Walk the ancient village,,it,visit Barletta Castle,,it,ticket,,en,visit to one of the most interesting castles in the north of Bari,,it,The castle is a majestic sixteenth-century fortress of about,,it,m with pointed bastions spear and with a double row of bunkers of hemispheric,,it,sm in diameter,,it,unique in the area,,it,IT IS RECOMMENDED ADDITIONAL SERVICES,,it,Lunch with seafood in a restaurant,,it,Afternoon,,it: luogo dove nel lontano 1503 gli italiani, capitanati dal cavaliere Ettore Fieramosca, furono accusati di codardia dai francesi e dove fu aperta la sfida che precede la famosa battaglia della Disfida di Barletta, che vedrà gli italiani vincitori);

– seguito itinerario: visita al noto “ERACLIO”: il COLOSSO DI BARLETTA

Colosso: una statua di bronzo di 4, 50 mt, risalente probabilmente al V sec. d.c.;

Passeggiata borgo antico;

– visita Castello di Barletta (ticket: 6 €)

Castle: visita ad uno dei castelli più interessanti del nord barese. Il castello è una maestosa fortezza cinquecentesca di circa 10.000 mq con bastioni a punta di lancia e con un doppio ordine di casematte emisferiche di 16 mq di diametro; un unicum nella zona.



  • Pranzo a base di pesce in ristorante convenzionato;
  • Pomeriggio: cultural walk in Canne della Battaglia,,it,Barletta archaeological site,,it, sito archeologico barlettano.

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