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A hike in the villages of the Mountains Dauni: Bovine (uno dei Borghi più belli d’Italia) and Deliceto (whose Lombard Castle is a national monument by 1902) addition to the Shrine of Valleverde (one of the most famous Marian Shrines of Italy with ancient origins) and the Colonial Salecchia (Teaching Masseria in Puglia).

Escursione a Monte Sacro

Excursion - historical nature to the discovery of a small piece of paradise in the Gargano, observing the wild orchids and visiting the ruins of the SS. Trinity.

Itinerario Tomaiuolo - Abbazia di Pulsano

Sunday 30 March 2014. The output is done in half a day departing from Tomaiuolo, population in rural 10 km's North of Manfredonia, and s'inoltra between Valley and the Valley Morning Mollica, putting on the dirt road that goes along the valley which offers views over the bay below, allowing it to reach the Abbey of Santa Maria di Pulsano (Sixth century A.D.).

Itinerario "I sapori della tradizione contadina"

Sunday 23 March 2014. During the visit at the local farm will have the opportunity to taste the cheese goat cheese Gargano, typical product of farming in this area.

Capodanno 2014 sul Gargano

The first of January 2014 a group of Roman tourists - on the trails of new experiences - they wanted to spend a fascinating experience on the Gargano, accompanied by guides and tour leaders enabled the Association Daunia TuR. The visit involved the discovery of Monte Sant'Angelo veiled by fog, revealing the ancient history of a place in the UNESCO counted. After the morning passed pleasantly on the sacred and historic sites of Monte Sant'Angelo, in the early afternoon the Roman tourists were able to explore the historic city of Manfredonia and its National Museum located in the Castle built by the founder of King Manfred.

Il richiamo della Foresta tra suoni, colori e sapori

Hiking trail in Chestnut Tower in Palermo Foresta Umbra, with lunch at Rifugio Sfilzi 26.10.2013.

Visit tour al TTG di Rimini 2013

Daunia TuR the TTG Rimini 2013 Visit Tour in the Galdaunofantino. The international trade fair bargaining and networking of the major travel agencies and tour operators of the world in its 50th Edition.

Giornata del Camminare 2013

On the occasion of the Day of Walking, Daunia TuR the Association in collaboration with the group AGESCI and the City of Manfredonia has organized a nature walk in the woods behind the beach of Siponto to highlight aspects of our degraded land and to promote the protection and enhancement of a stretch of .

Itinerario "Alla scoperta del gran Canyon del Gargano"

Sunday 15 September 2013 the Association has organized a Daunia TuR interesting path that runs entirely in bed, now dried, of an ancient river. The peculiar characteristic of the stream Romandato is that it has created with its erosive force, over thousands of years, un bellissimo “Canyon”. Along this particular ecosystem can "read" the geological history of the Gargano. The bed of the river is rich in chert nodules and is probably the place where these are found more frequently, also is full of sources of spring water. The impressive vegetation, which has now colonized the whole site, the characteristic aspect "gallery", as if to protect this treasure chest of biodiversity. In some places the steep canyon walls offer incredible feelings of showmanship.

Laboratorio Didattico \"Il Risveglio dei 5 sensi\"

Laboratorio sensoriale di apprendimento didattico in aula nell'ambito del Progetto Parcogiochi 2013 the National Park of Gargano

Una giornata in Masseria Didattica

L'importanza dell'apprendimento pratico degli scolari sul campo, attraverso lo svolgimento delle attività didattiche ed i laboratori "Nella Vecchia Fattoria" e l'"Ortobimbo". We learn by playing notions on multifunctional agriculture

Itinerario \"Assaggi di Primavera sui Monti Dauni\"

Itinerary to discover a corner of the territory of the Sub Dauno little known but of great naturalistic value and cultural. During the day we will meet extensive forests, where it is present the Wolf, but also rich in truffles, the beautiful and expansive scenery that can be enjoyed only by the Monte Cornacchia, the highest peak of Puglia (1151 mt.) and then the small but surprising and historic centers of Alberona Faeto in which the rhythms of life were those of previous centuries. The afternoon visit focused on Troy, Daunian city that is about 20 Km da Lucera, known by the name of "Aecae", was conquered by the Romans who punished for treason after the battle of Cannae (216 a.C.) where we will visit the magnificent Cathedral built in 1093 in the typical forms of the Romanesque.

Itinerario \"Lo scrigno dei sentieri e sapori del Gargano\"

GIOVEDI' 25 April 2013 A fascinating journey to discover the most beautiful trails in the Gargano to know the most exclusive gem of the National Park of Gargano: Vieste, treasure trove of nature and landscape, but also rich in history, culture, ancient traditions and legends.

G.A.T.E. & Gusto 2013

The event is called: ”G. A. T. E. "stands for Management, Welcome, Technologies, Energy Saving and Events, without neglecting the GUSTO, the Food & Wine and Territory; is aimed at economic operators and not

6o^ Edizione del Carnevale di Manfredonia

The parade of floats and masked groups of the 60th Edition of the Carnival of Manfredonia

Itinerario \"Calici di Barocco\" - San Severo

The Association Daunia TuR organized for its members and supporters Sunday 25 November 2012 an exciting journey to discover the historic town of San Severo, a journey to discover the knowledge and taste wine.

Festa di Tutti i Santi

Eno-gastronomic flavors of autumn. La novità esclusiva è stata l'introduzione di uno stand di prodotti per celiaci

Trekking delle castagne -

14 October 2012 Trekking flavors and typical food and wine garganiche

NO TRIV DAY, tutti insieme per difendere il nostro mare…

A major initiative of civic, a large aggregation of associations, men and women working every day to defend the State "political" without scruples and without any logic actions that are in contrast with the natural vocation of the territory. A rally to say NO TO OIL DRILLING IN THE ADRIATIC SEA! OUR OIL IS CALLED TOURISM

Itinerario \"Naturalmente Lesina\"

Journey to discover the Lesina lagoon with bus transfer Manfredonia - Hvar / R; access to the Visitor Center (Ethnographic Museum, Fisherman's House, Aquarium of lagoon fish species); Lunch of traditional dishes in Marina di Lesina; Accompaniment of a teaching guide Official and exclusive of the Gargano National Park.

Itinerario Isole Tremiti 2012

Guided tour to the beautiful archipelago with tremitese coach trip, ferry, periplo dell'Isola di San Domino, pranzo e visita dell'Abbazia di Santa Maria a Mare

Peschici Coast to Coast tra Storia, Natura e Gastronomia

29 July 2012 Visit the Old Town of Rhodes Garganico, lunch at the Trabucco of Monte Pucci, Visita della "Grotta degli Dei" locations in the Bay of Manaccora (Peschici)

Itinerario \"I Tesori del Tavoliere\"

1 May 2012 - Visit Lucera and Troy: Anfiteatro romano, Cathedral of Lucera, Castle and Frederick Palatium, Cathedral of Troy, Civic Museum and Church of St. Basil

Viaggio al Centro della Terra Garganica - San Nicandro Garganico 25 Aprile 2012

Visit Dolina Pozzatina, Cave Piana della Macina, Ethnographic Museum

Il risveglio della Foresta...Pasquetta 2012

A wonderful Easter Monday the discovery of the sacred traditions and culinary Gargano more hidden. Nonostante il tempo non sia stato clemente il fuori programma proposto dallo Staff dell'Associazione Daunia TuR alla Basilica di San Michele Arcangelo, the Museum Devotional, the Church of Santa Maria Maggiore, Rothari and the Tomb of the District Junno wowed attendees. Poi tutti in auto per raggiungere l'Agriturismo "Sflizi" in Foresta Umbra who delighted us with its local delicacies. To conclude the day, visit the natural area of ​​the lung largest in South Italy. Thanks to all participants ...

Fiera Gate & Gusto

From Foggia 10 to the 13 March 2012. Lo staff dell'Associazione Daunia TuR ha partecipato da visitatore alla Fiera del Gusto e del Turismo. Un'occasione importante per aprire rapporti collaborativi e per valorizzare le eccellenze turistiche e gastronomiche locali

Vico del Gargano

Rignano Garganico

Pietra Montecorvino


Monte Saraceno

Isole Tremiti

Un vortice di emozioni

Excursion bay of Mergoli-Vignanotica, turn delle sea cave, lunch in the beautiful bay of Mattinatella and adventure park for kids

Foresta Umbra

Cagnano Varano

Locandine eventi


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