Business Partners


The Partnership is Commercial a collaborative activity with the purpose of obtaining benefits in the approach to its target market using different types of marketing initiatives: a marketing initiative you can concentrate more on the negotiation, another may differ for the type of communication, yet another for its legal regulation. Each of them will be presented for its distinctive characteristics, for the actors who took part in, for the marketing variables on which the actors have invested.

Initiatives may be limited in time (ACTIONS TACTICS), but they can also predict developments over time because they have a determinative effect for the core business of the partners and their long-term strategy (STRATEGIC OPERATIONS).

It can also distinguish partnership verticali and horizontal partnerships. In the former case it comes to vertical agreements relating to the integration of companies that constitute the various links in the value chain: from producer to distributor to the final consumer and vice versa. In the case of a partnership is horizontal agreements that take place between actors of the same level of the value chain. It may be therefore of agreements between undertakings of different sectors, but among which we can establish synergies based on competences and customer segments achieved. At the same time it may be agreements between companies in the same industry who decide to join forces and tackle the commercial market with a common strategy, at least for some sectors.

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