The Library Daunia TuR is an archive of literary material cured by shareholders Daunia TuR (especially if they are busy the Themselves. Michele Sacco – member of the Foundation M. Melillo and Dr. Luciana War – Archaeologist and Guide / Tour Leader). It is dedicated to the promotion and historical documentation, Tourism and thematic (Food and wine, nature and culture) divided into territorial sections (Daunia and Tableland, Gargano, Puglia, Italy, Europe and insights merchandise).

The archive is constantly updated with the addition of magazines and literary texts donated or procured to expand to the maximum the cultural historical documentation.

The library offers free loan service for all members of the association Daunia TuR.


1) They can use the service free loan of books and magazines Only shareholders.

2) Who accesses the loan assumes responsibility for the proper use of the material taken (Books, magazines and brochures), it must be returned in the condition in which they were received.

3) Each member can have up to 2 Objects on loan, for a maximum of 10 calendar days, including holidays.

4) In case of damaged library materials, the user will have to pay costs to the Library for the reinstatement of the damaged material. For documents not for sale, the user will refund the price / market value of the document itself. The Library remains the owner of the damaged document.


E 'can contribute to the development of the Library, interacting with us and helping us to grow and improve.

You can do it:

  • giving us books in good condition;
  • making a cash donation, that will allow us to buy new books and valuable, tourist guides and magazines;
  • suggesting book titles, or events and festivals, initiatives and meetings dedicated.
  • You can also write a review and comment a book.

Below we listed the bibliographic material present in the Daunia TuR:


1. Studies of dialectology
2. Italian Linguistics
3. Siponto in Manfredonia and Daunia
4. Siponto in Manfredonia and Daunia
5. Daunia Baroque
6. The Carnival of Manfredonia
7. Villages Mountains Dauni
8. Bella Daunia of Nature
9. The streets of the Mountains
10. Daunia Cheaters
11. Fabulous Daunia
12. Ipogei 2006
13. Cultural Relations and commericiali between Dubrovnik-Ragusa and Manfredonia
14. News of Etnostoria Garganica
15. The city and its poet
16. Manfredonia five routes between history and art
17. Manfredonia port Gargano
18. The Theotokos Siponto
19. Quality certification of fish products of the Lagoon of Lesina
20. The Virgin Mary in the currencies
21. Foggia and its Territory
22. Travelling between the shrines of captains
23. 1001-2001 First Millennium of the Sanctuary of the Crowned Foggia
24. The river Fortore
25. The crucifix of San Leonardo
26. Lucera
27. Troy City Rosette
28. Daunia From Living
29. From the Gargano Mountains Dauni
30. The territory that teaches
31. Monte Sant Angelo Lombard
32. Guide to the shrine of St. Michael on the Gargano
33. The monumental complex of Santa Maria Maggiore in Monte Sant Angelo
34. Places and land, traces divine
35. San Giovanni Rotondo, land of Padre Pio
36. Repetto Sport
37. Life in his hands, poetics of an art unaware
38. Historic landscape of captains
39. Guide to the observation of the birds in the wild
40. Born Free
41. The Book of Beer
42. The Book of Honey
43. Handbook for internationalization
44. New signaling system maritime
45. Heron
46. Birds
47. Touring Club Italian
48. European cities to discover, 73 resort
49. European cities to discover, 68 resort
50. Road atlas of Italy, North Central and South Central
51. Great Atlas Tourist
52. Museums of Italy
53. The folklore of Italy
54. Marcopolo
55. Italian Art
56. Italian Tourist
57. Old trees of Italy
58. Uffizi Gallery
59. Bell'Italia
60. Marino and its history
61. Discovering Umbria
62. Italy: The wonders of culture
63. Molise
64. Molise Where ...
65. Terracina
66. The province of Latina
67. Father Nicholas Molidari from Lagonegro
68. Caserta
69. Benevento and Sannio
70. City book Napoli
71. Through Naples
72. Sorrento Coast
73. Naples
74. Naples and its province
75. Campania- The islands
76. Campania- Campi Flegrei
77. Campania-Vesuvius
78. Campania-Avellino
79. Small travel in Italy
80. Calabria Routes Greek and Roman
81. Calabria Routes Greek and Roman
82. Wines of Italy 2007
83. Yearbook of Italian Museums
84. The Big road atlas and tourism in Italy
85. Road atlas of Italy, North Central and South Central
86. Italian Routes
87. Puglia
88. Puglia Style Tourism
89. Puglia excellence draws the future
90. Bell'Italia
91 Bell'Italia
92. Puglia-EXCELLENCE Italian cultivates the future
93. Puglia
94. We speak of Puglia
95. Traveller
96. The road of Frederick II in Apulia
97. Easter in Puglia
98. Patrons of Puglia
99. San Menaio and surroundings
100. Puglia and Basilicata
101. Apulia
103. Guide of Italy-Puglia
104. Agenda 2000 and protected areas
105. Salento
106. Marine protected areas
107. The courts of the green-Journey to the farms of Puglia and Basilicata
108. Puglia
109. You ique Puglia
110. Network of cultural tourism south east Bari
111. Puglia for Kids
112. Agriculture in Apulia in the twentieth century
113. Term Italia
114. The newspaper of the Art Information Trani
115. Official tourism in Puglia and Basilicata
116. Landings of Puglia
117. Annual 2014 venus directory in Puglia
118. Jano Facts, men and things Gargano
119. Jano Facts, men and things Gargano
120. Morning
121. Morning to discover
122. Morning
123. Mattinata Gargano Magazine
124. Morning
125. Vieste and the city of Daunia (From its origins to 1071)
126. Vieste and cities Daunia by the Normans to the kingdom Aragonese
127. Strategies and methods of an experience of sustainable development
128. Manaccora the Cave of the Gods
129. Peschici
130. Bloitinerari in the Gargano National Park
131. The Pellegrino to Gargano
132. Gargano
133. Gargano
134. Gargano
135. Gargano
136. Gargano
137. Gargano
138. Gargano
139. Gargano
140. Gargano
141. Gargano Park
142. Gargano Park
143. Secret itineraries
144. Gargano Authentic
145. Gargano Landscapes
146. Guide to hiking in Gargano
147. Guide to the National Park of Gargano
148. The fruits of the Park
149. Mattinata Gargano Magazine
150. Jano Facts, men and things Gargano
151. The mountain on sea

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