Socio AICS 2019


The AICS Italian Association Culture Sport is a non-profit, who was born in 1962 in Rome as a National Board to promote sports. From this area, over the years progressively extends its reach to solidarity, culture, social policies, the Third Sector, tourism sociale, all’ambiente, attention to the marginalized and the disabled, civil protection and training.


The AICS adheres to FITUR (Italian Federation of Social Tourism) organization that deals with important initiatives to encourage support for tourism and social citizenship (like the Holiday Vouchers) and the Permanent Forum of the Third Sector, for major social battles and the support and promotion of the organizations participating in the Third Sector.

The Association is a Daunia TuR Affiliated club AICS and this allows to enjoy a series of advantages and benefits that allow:

  • participate in all the activities organized dall'AICS at any level;
  • regulatory and tax incentives provided by law for social promotion associations and amateur sports associations;
  • Civil Liability insurance against third parties (signed with the SAI) for their work;
  • agreement with the SIAE that allows a reduction in the amount of compendia on the amount due;
  • Help get the membership and Service Guide;
  • receive the weekly newsletter “AICS on line” and the periodic “New Presence”;
  • ability to open outlets, bar, people, performance halls, etc where you can make the administration of food and drinks for members of AICS.



numero speciale dell'AICS Magazine FG

Numero speciale dell’AICS Magazine FG


See the full list on the website AICS to know all the benefits and discounts reserved to members (ABOUT CLICCA)

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