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Board of Directors

The Association is represented by the Board of Directors, who has decision-making authority on organizational choices and the ordinary and extraordinary activities of the Association, while respecting the sovereignty of the Statute and the General Meeting and at its expense.

The Board is composed of five members (President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary, adviser) elected every three years by the General Meeting.

Shareholders' Meeting

The Assembly is composed of members of the Board and by the shareholders Employees and professional trustees and remains in office until the 31 December 2019.

ART. 1: Classification of members

These members may:


Partners Associates

Honorary Members

Ordinary Members

Supporting Members

Socio Fan

Members are FOUNDERS Association those who signed the act of constitution and founded in fact the Association.

Members are COLLABORATORS individuals who plan and motivation to carry out collaborative and operational roles within the Association address of the Board of Directors. They, as benefactors of the Association receive additional services and benefits than other members. These benefits are determined annually by the Board of Directors of the Association, subject to availability.

Members are FEES those who have made special contribution to the life of the association or has particular merit. They are defined each year by the Board of Directors.

Members are ORDINARY everyone, persone fisiche che condividono gli scopi e le attività dell’Associazione, participating in the activities offered and taking advantage of discounts and benefits provided. They do not hold positions and have no social duties within the Association.

Members are SUPPORTERS everyone, persone giuridiche titolari di attività commerciali che sostengono l’Associazione, promoting business through the official channels of the Association, sharing the proposed activities and using the services offered by the. The Sponsorship Agreement / Collaboration is an integral part of these Regulations.

Members are FAN all individuals who follow the official Facebook page of the Association with the "like" and want to participate on an irregular basis in their activities planned.

ART. 2: Rights and Obligations of Members

The shareholders at the time of subscription have agreed to share the Statute and the Rules of the members are required to actively participate in and promote the life and growth of the Association. Per raggiungere tale scopo i soci non si limiteranno a presenziare alle attività e agli eventi promossi dall’Associazione, ma si faranno promotori attivi delle stesse attività verso l’esterno. Theadmission of new member collaborator takes place following the submission of a written application to the Board of Directors and upon payment of the membership fee (with expiration of the calendar year) with the rules laid down annually by the Board of Directors. Al momento della domanda viene fornito all’aspirante socio un modulo di tesseramento, a copy of the Statute and Rules of Procedure of Shareholders. The prospective member is required to read these copies and declare the acceptance form. The non-acceptance will invalidate the application for admission. Admission is decided by the Board of Directors. The staff members are entitled to vote as members of the Shareholders', but are not eligible for office. Their job is to support and advise the Board of Directors in the ordinary decisions and carry out tasks delegated by the.

Theadmission of an ordinary member takes place following the completion of the Board Membership and payment of membership dues (maturing of the associative) with the rules laid down annually by the Board of Directors. He is entitled to take advantage of discounts and concessions with regard to the activities of the association, attend local and acquire or consult material, cartaceo a multimedia, be informed of the activities proposed by the means through computer and telephone. Become a de facto onorario partner he who is appointed by the Board of Directors. Honorary members are personality which is recognized by the Board of Directors membership free of charge for special merits in the Association. They have no voting rights and are not eligible for office. Become a de facto a supporting member one who subscribes to the 'Agreement Sponsorship / Partnership and conclude with the Executive Council on the type of support and the temporary nature of the actions defined in the Common Rules Sponsorship / Partnership. Finally, becomes socio fan colui che sottoscrive la propria adesione compilando il Modulo di Tesseramento avendo diritto a partecipare a n.2 itinerari programmati nell’anno associativo in corso a tariffa agevolata (come il socio ordinario).

ART. 3: Grounds for revocation and exclusion of the shareholder

Membership is lost by death, exclusion, termination and non-payment of dues. In case of death the membership fee is not transferable to heirs. The member does not comply with the payment of the fee is excluded by the. A member may be excluded from the Association for misconduct, illegal, if the occurrence of conflicts of interest with the aims of the association or for breach of duties. In the event that one or more members were with their behavior, harm or impede the orderly conduct of business or the growth of the Association may be declared not eligible as a partner as a result of the majority vote of the Board of Directors. The exclusion of a member is approved by the Board of Directors, which shall notify the person. The excluded member may appeal to the person named ensures (Honorary Member). Any member may withdraw from the Association at any time and without charge, subject to the completion of the tasks taken and obligations towards the Association.

In no event shall the member who withdraws is entitled to a refund of the membership fee.

ART. 4: Rights and duties additional

The members of the General Meeting to carry out operational duties approved by the (through Power of Attorney of the President) They will be entitled, in the case of transfers that require residential, board and lodging in facilities with a maximum of three stars. These charges are provable with the issue, by supplier, invoices or receipts which must be stated in detail the amount (n. nights, type of food, beverages, etc..) and unit prices. These expenses must be incurred within the limits set in the budget of the project and in accordance with the eligibility criteria. As regards the expenditure ceiling for consumption, by employees or collaborators in the project, of a meal provided by an external structure, will be eligible for a refund of up to € 20,00 a meal with proof of receipt or certified copy. The partner employee, to obtain reimbursement of travel expenses, food, accommodation, Association must submit a summary report indicating the requested refunds, highlighting the mileage and all trips made. For such trips, must produce documentation proving the trip / mission (bills, travel tickets stamped, the odometer ACI, etc.) specifying in detail the date, reason for the trip / mission letter, miles driven and amount requested for reimbursement.

ART. 5: Subscription dues

As defined by Article. 1 of these Regulations, Members have a duty to underwrite an annual fee and economically separated into the categories:

PROFESSIONAL STAFF MEMBERS: in the quality of their provision of work, They have a duty to pay an annual membership fee of € 40,00 (comprensiva dell’assicurazione);

MEMBERS STAFF TRUSTEES: as an adviser to the board of directors and proponent of initiatives to be undertaken in the social, tourist and cultural incentives in the action to be taken, pouring the share of € 30,00 (comprensiva dell’assicurazione). They propose new members at the meeting and new partners for collaboration;

HONORARY MEMBERS: la loro quota associativa viene sottoscritta annualmente e la loro quota associativa è gratuita;

ORDINARY MEMBERS: their membership fee is signed and renewed annually by payment of € 25,00 (comprensiva dell’assicurazione) pagabile in unica soluzione all’atto di iscrizione;

SUPPORTING MEMBERS: la quota associativa è di € 50,00 (for those who for the first time come into this category) and € 30,00 (for those who were already members in the previous annual) whose card is signed annually;

SOCI FANS: la quota associativa è di € 5,00 per la tessera valida per n.2 itinerari a scelta del socio.

The Board of Directors approves and makes the Executive Regulations of the members present on the day 24 November 2018.

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