Costituito Confguide: Giuseppe Frattarolo è il primo presidente


Costituito formalmente anche in provincia di Foggia Confguide Confcommercio, il sistema di rappresentanza di guide ed accompagnatori turistici abilitati. The founding meeting of the group was held Wednesday 18 May 2016 presso la sede provinciale dell’organizzazione di categoria. Quale presidente del neoelettto direttivo è stato indicato dai professionisti intervenuti, Giuseppe…

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GUARANTEED INCOME OF YOUNG PEOPLE AND DIGNITY: Manfredonia attended discussion on measures for social emergencies

It was held Tuesday 17 May 2016 the meeting organized by the associations AVI, Working&Welfare captains and Daunia TuR, at the Youth Center of Via Orto Sdanga 8 / G, to discuss and inform the citizens about the measures that have been or will be undertaken to address the major social emergencies of our times, with particular reference ...

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The Association Daunia TuR Manfredonia invites its members, supporters and fans in a public meeting organized in a round table, to discuss the issues introduced by the European Union and national and regional governments with regard to current social emergencies that affect different age of the population.

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