Photo Exhibition “The Ethnographic Museum Sipontino” Sunday 1 February 2015


La Fondazione “Prof. Michele Melillo” e l’Associazione DauniaTuR A.P.S., at the first Sunday of the month, organize an extraordinary opening of the Museum of Ethnography in Piazzale Sipontino Prof. M. Melillo (from. Piazza Santa Maria Regina) prevista per DOMENICA 1 February 2015 pm 19,00 all ore 22,30.

To Be Continued

Photographic Exhibition of Manfredonia and exposure of the ancient Daunia

Monday 6 January 2014 at the Museum of Ethnography in Siponto Siponto (piazza Santa Maria Regina) there will be a photo exhibition on the city of Manfredonia and an exhibition of the collection of artifacts from ancient Daunia artist Angela Quitadamo. Free admission Home preferably pm 19 Event organized by the Ethnographic Museum Siponto,…

To Be Continued