“VIE FRANCIGENE DI PUGLIA”: a Manfredonia, looking towards South


After the meetings in the Trojan 18 June 2012, Lucera, 25 June 2012, San Severo, 02 July 2012, San Marco in Lamis, 16 July 2012, San Giovanni Rotondo 10 September 2012, Monte S'Angelo 17 September 2012, the series of seminars on “Vie Francigene di Puglia” sbarca a Manfredonia lunedì 8 October 2012 alle ore 19.00,…

To Be Continued

TOURIST GUIDE: Welcome to Manfredonia

Dear guests, the intent of this guide is to help you enjoy a pleasant stay in Manfredonia. In it you will find detailed information on the history, on culture and scenic beauty and artistic area and at the same time tips and useful to know and fully appreciate Manfredonia, a territory ...

To Be Continued