“Everyone on the beach,,it,to Zapponeta Sunday,,it,The Daunia TuR Association organizes for its members and sympathizers,,it,a relaxing day,,it,fun and entertainment at the seaside Lido,,it,La Caravella,,it,of Zapponeta,,it,with the possibility of booking parking,,it,an umbrella with,,it,deckchair,,it,full lunch and entertainment,,it,For the second consecutive year, Zapponeta is confirmed,,it,Blue Flag,,it,Award given by the Danish NGO Fee,,it,Foundation for Environmental Education,,en,to the coastal municipalities and tourist landing places with the most beautiful and clean waters,,it,near the Empire bar,,it,Meeting of the participants and movement in car pooling,,it,to reach the Lido La Caravella S.S.159 Zapponeta,,it,Arrival at the Lido parking area,,it,of Zapponeta and entrance,,it,Complete lunch,,it,delicious appetizer,,it,first lasagna,,it,second roast mixed meat,,it” a Zapponeta Domenica 21 July 2019


L’Associazione Daunia TuR organizza per i propri soci e simpatizzanti DOMENICA 21 July 2019 una giornata di relax, divertimento e svago presso il Lido balneare “La Caravella” di Zapponeta, con la possibilità di prenotare il parcheggio, un’ombrellone con 2 sdraio, il pranzo completo e animazione.

To Be Continued

Itinerary Programming Months July,,it,blu,,en,lagoon,,fr,discovery,,it,For those interested in requesting participation,,it,we remind you to book in advance at our addresses,,it,Contact,,it – August 2019

Per chi fosse interessato a richiedere la partecipazione, ricordiamo di prenotarsi per tempo ai nostri recapiti: 0884.660558 – dauniatur@gmail.com. Contattateci!

To Be Continued