"Archeoscoprendo" cultural itinerary Vieste Tuesday,,it,The Daunia TuR Association in planning summer activities for its members and sympathizers,,it,has planned for the day,,it,a daily guided tour in the area of ​​landscape interest,,it,archaeological and cultural site of Vieste,,it,easternmost municipality of the Gargano and tourist pearl of Puglia,,it,the Municipality of Vieste,,it,there Superintendence of Archeology,,it,Fine Arts and Landscape for the provinces Bat and Foggia,,it,the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and the Navy,,it,and from this year also the Ministry of Education,,it,the University of Foggia and the Institute of Education Upper Secondary "Fazzini-Giuliani",,it,they are the real protagonists of the relaunch cultural of the Gargano city,,it 13 August 2019


L’Associazione Daunia TuR nella programmazione delle attività estive rivolte ai propri associati e simpatizzanti, has scheduled for Tuesday,it 13 August 2019, un itinerario giornaliero di visita guidata nell’area di interesse paesaggistico, archeologico e culturale di Vieste, comune più orientale del Gargano e perla turistica della Puglia.

To Be Continued