CAONS: "It's not the GPL that brings jobs"


Not often, if ever, Manfredonia that we are talking about investment and development of the port area. This time it happened. The city government at a gas conference have announced an investment of 117 million euro to perform restoration and, we also hope ...

To Be Continued

Manfredonia, campagna Nazionale di Marevivo “Ma il mare non vale una cicca?”

Saturday 30 July 2016 ha preso il via l’ottava edizione della campagna nazionale promossa dall’associazione Marevivo “Ma il mare non vale una cicca?”, in collaborazione con Japan Tobacco International, per proteggere il mare dall’abbandono dei mozziconi di sigarette sulle spiagge e in mare. The initiative is sponsored by the Ministry, with…

To Be Continued