Evento “LA PACE IN TESTA” nel mese della Pace 2024

The Italian Catholic Action Association of the Diocese of Manfredonia, Vieste, and San Giovanni Rotondo is echoing Pope Francis’s message of peace for World Peace Day 2024, advocating for enduring peace amidst current conflicts. The local initiative, “La pace in testa,” set for January 28, 2024, emphasizes continuous peace efforts in daily life and during significant events. This year, they’ve collaborated with Legambiente and the Daunia TuR APS Association to foster alliances centered on planetary welfare, sustainability, and resource equity. Activities for children and families are planned, starting with mass at Manfredonia Cathedral, followed by a Peace March, awareness activities in communal spaces, and concluding with a Flash Mob at Manfredonia Castle to encourage community involvement and social cohesion. The entire community is invited to partake in this significant event to foster a better world through listening and social synergy.

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